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Legend of the Pysanka (Ukrainian Easter Egg)

A mong Ukrainians there is a belief that the fate of the world depends upon pysanky. As long as egg decorating continues, the world will exist. should the custom cease, evil in the guise of an ancient, vicious monster chained to a huge cliff, will encompass the world and destroy it. Each year the monster's servants encircle the globe, keeping a record of the number of pysanky made. Should there be too few, the monster's chains loosen, and evil flows through the world. If there are many, the monster's chains hold taut, allowing love to conquer evil.

$75.00 each
(very limited)
Miniature masterpieces of folk art from the old country. Truly a feast for the eyes. Each one a unique creation.
$30.00 each
Made in Ukraine
$7.50 each

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Explore your talents and make your own Ukrainian Easter Eggs using Surma's Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating Kit (Item #1 on our Order Form). Glance through our instructional pictures below to see how easy and enjoyable this traditional craft can be.

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