Rebirth of the One-Room Schoolhouse

Rebirth of the One-Room Schoolhouse

You know youre hot when you look over your shoulder and see Donald Trump laughing with the same idea. I could not have been happier. Ah, but wait, I come before my story.

Hundred years ago, school was a serious matter. Everything was to be remembered. Students wrote on stone slate with slate pencil. In one-room schools they were in class; boys on one side, girls on the other. Discipline was strict and punished. All students went home or in rare cases, red horses.

Today, the children go to school by bus to modern buildings. Each class has another teacher who is stubborn in his own classroom. Discipline is sluggish and new laws make punishment almost empty. The only serious concern the students have is their threads and popularity. Waste rate is due to indifference or pregnancy, not the old reason for needed on the farm.

Three years ago, a pilot program conducted by a school district in Salem, Oregon, created a new vehicle for learning in their society. This online high school served an eclectic group of teens from dropouts to brainiacs, and of course the popular home-schoolers. All students have access to courses on the Internet, submit their homework information by email and communicate with their teachers by phone as needed.

This is an example of offering alternative learning opportunities for children today and is a good safety net for students at risk. Allow to work at their own pace, they are carefully monitored to ensure they regularly participate in their cyberclasses. Real benefits are to attend classes at any time of the day, seven days a week.

This is a great opportunity for teenage parents or medically challenged students when traditional learning options have not worked. When these children finish high school and start planning their continuing education, a new idea will be made: Webucation!

Most new terms starting with the web have been short lived but Webucation shows signs of survival. Distance education is an idea that has great potential and is close to the attention of almost all educational institutions. Everyone is clamoring to be in the right place at the right time.

It appears that the schoolroom in a room has been revived. These days there is the dining room, upstairs guest room or the converted garage. Some of the students are teenage parents, but there are an increasing number of maternity leave and unemployed dads. Add thousands of nine to volunteers who feel their job is shaky at best.

If you saw this trend, like Donald Trump, to publish Trump University online, you would definitely be in the right place at the right time. Public education needs a lot of help and may be in the form of web-based education. I can think of fifty reasons that this would be beneficial for elementary school and high school, but in this case there are still miles to go.

Career rates explode when this trend matures and becomes the next billion dollar industry. Villanova, Tulane, Notre Dame are just a few who offer degrees online: Accelerated, Affordable, Accredited, Anytime Training, Anywhere Knowledge. Streaming video lectures - just watch and listen to Professors on CDs and review as many times as desired. Learning will not be easier than this.

Fortunes were made selling shovels to the golden fall miners. Obviously, you do not need quality materials that would make an online rate worth publishing ... selling the shovels, or in that case selling courses. Difficult to sell? Not at all! Experience at work does not exceed half the distance for a degree or certificate. Demand for skilled professionals has never been greater than today.

The idea of ​​Webucation appeals to busy adults. It is perfect, unlike conventional courses with certain schedules, they will buy courses on the contrary; adjust them to fit your spare time. And everything from the comfort of the home. With a degree or certificate in hand they will be a sought after professional and their earnings potential increased tenfold.

Heres a bonus: sell these courses and make use of it by getting certified yourself. While you can really make a fortune selling shovels do not hurt to defend yourself with new wisdom about how to use this new wealth. A degree in financial planning, tax preparation or real estate will make you the person to see in a crowded room.

And if money is talking, you get a good call.

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